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Flexible Solutions for Loan Servicing

Whether you are starting or enhancing a private loan program, servicing federal student loans or managing student loan data, we have the expertise to manage all program components.

Private Loan Services

We can help you from program design to loan servicing and everything in between.


With more than 20 years of private loan experience, we are uniquely qualified to partner with you to analyze your marketplace, identify market needs, build support with key stakeholders, assist with compliance and get your program to market.


We can ensure your program effectively competes through conventional marketing and advertising campaigns as well as in the ever-evolving digital marketplace. From initial strategy sessions to campaign execution, we are ready to help you and your program succeed.


Loan origination is about more than a slick online application. While our solution is 100% web-based with automated underwriting, we also have the education and consumer loan subject matter experts to help ensure your assets are originated and disclosed properly.


Our loan servicing platform is a comprehensive solution that ensures your customers are supported with excellent customer service, convenient repayment options and security for their personal financial information. Our servicing team will work with you to provide comprehensive standard reports as well as customized reports as needed.

Together with our parent company, we have more than 40 years of experience in student loan servicing.

Federal Loan Services

If your organization is servicing a Federal Family Loan Program portfolio, we can provide the economies of scale required for cost-effective management. We offer a complete, outsourced servicing solution to help your organization achieve its desired financial goals.

Borrower Friendly

At the heart of our quality service is a borrower-friendly user experience that you can rely on to deliver top-notch service for your customers.

Tenured Management

You can rely on our highly experienced team and its comprehensive compliance management system to protect the value of your student loan assets.

Exceptional Performance

Iowa Student Loan Liquidity Corporation, our parent company that now provides loans under the name ISL Education Lending, was recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education for its high level of service for FFELP loans.

Continuous Improvement

We consistently pursue service enhancements to address portfolio management considerations for clients and implement customer service experience improvements for borrowers.

Private Loan Referral Program

If you are not ready to fund and manage your own private loan program but are interested in offering a program in your market, we can help with our referral program.

Options Include

In-school student loans

Parent loans for students who are in school

Refinance loans

Data Routing

Since 2001, our data routing service, iLink, has been securely routing student loan records between schools, lenders and other servicers via a reliable, flexible and user-friendly system that is competitive in cost and function.

Since April 2001

1.28 million
Files Routed

School and Lender Clients Served

Since July 2007

$400 million
Funds Transferred

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