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Over the next five years, nearly 10 million students will graduate from college with four-year degrees. A third of these new graduates will leave college with $25,000 or more in student debt. Aspire has developed its College Finance Benefits as a tool for employers to improve recruitment and retention of top talent.

Reset Refinance Loan

The Reset Refinance LoanSM is ideal for professionals looking for ways to reduce costs on existing student loan debt, whether the loans were taken out for their own education or for a child's schooling. An easy-to-implement product that can help employees pay less in interest, the Reset Loan provides employers with a built-in recruitment and retention tool.

College Family Loan

The College Family LoanSM was created for parents and families of college-age students who wish to help them with the ever-growing costs associated with a higher education. Your employees may find this attractively priced loan is a better alternative than tapping into their homes' equity or borrowing against their 401(k) accounts. Employers can offer this program as a voluntary benefit at no cost to the organization.

Employer Contributions

A growing number of companies are interested in helping their employees address concerns related to student loan debt. Aspire has developed a streamlined service for companies looking to provide supplemental payments to employees' student loan accounts. The service also offers the option for employers to make contributions to 529 college savings plans, thus allowing all employees to participate in the program.

See the Savings Realized with Employer Contributions.

Financial Wellness

Understanding the complexities of paying for a college education is an important step for long term financial security. Aspire's Financial Wellness tools were created to assist students and families with this complicated and often confusing process. Employers can offer one or more of these tools to help employees as they navigate the college financing process.

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