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Give Your Healthcare Professionals Benefits They Need

Tailored healthcare solutions for student loan debt help you recruit and retain the best medical and dental professionals.

You Have Access to All Our Employer Solutions

Recruitment Program

We can administer student loan repayment solutions outside of your physician contracts so you can focus on providing care.

Employer Contribution Programs

Direct your monthly contributions to employees' existing student loan debt or college savings plans for the future.

Refinance Loans

Refinancing products, including special programs for medical professionals, enable your employees to make affordable payments on student loan debt.

In-School Loans

Lower-cost student loan programs are available for ongoing education expenses and for your employees' family members in school now.

Education Finance Resources

Free tools and resources help your healthcare professionals understand and make smarter decisions about college financing.

College Finance Resource Line

Your employees can speak with experienced support analysts for personal assistance with all their college financing questions.

Refinance Loans Specifically for Medical Professionals

Access to competitively priced refinance loan programs with the following features:

  • No origination, prepayment or late payment fees.
  • Multiple terms to meet different needs.
  • Assistance available for qualifying hardships.

Two Unique Refinance Loan Programs

  • Loans for medical residents and fellows: Medical residents and fellows can choose this option to refinance existing student loans and make affordable payments on current salaries.
  • Loans for attending physicians: When they're ready to make full principal and interest payments, physicians can refinance any federal or private loans to receive a new repayment term with a competitive fixed rate.

A refinance program is also available for all your other employees.

Pre-qualification is available for all refinance programs. It takes less than a minute and does not impact applicants' credit score.

Adventures in Medicine

We have partnered with Adventures in Medicine, a national publication helping medical students, residents and attending physicians navigate through the multitude of career choices available in the healthcare field. AIM provides valuable information on a variety of topics relevant for practitioners in every stage of their career.

Our partnership with AIM gives you, and your physician employees, access to:

  • Online career planning information and commentary from healthcare's top leaders.
  • Online career, student loan and financial planning tools and resources.

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